About us

Plexus provides a free service to nurses and midwives from all specialties considering temporary or permanent work in Australia or New Zealand.

We have over 100 roles available and waiting for you now in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are a qualified Nurse looking for your next role in world-class health systems; Plexus Medical Recruitment can make the move easy assisting with relocation, migration and even chidcare/nanny services.

Plexus are the one stop shop to help you make the move to Australia or New Zealand.

Plexus medical and nursing recruitment team are experts in the field of overseas recruitment and have helped thousands of medical professionals make the move while also being friendly and supportive. The team at Plexus have all worked in the healthcare sector and understand what it is like to relocate to another country.

There are opportunities to work in many fantastic locations across Australia and in unique situations. There are chances to work with remote communities of Indigenous Australians or in inner-city hospitals and clinics.

Plexus has a wide range of jobs for all specialties and we have clients in every state and territory.

Plexus Medical Recruitment is an ethical company and strongly supports the Commonwealth of Nations Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Health Workers.

Plexus is proud to be part of IntoWork Australia. A national leader in specialist recruitment, employment and training services, IntoWork Australia is your one-stop employment shop.

Our philosophy

We have a professional understanding of the needs of candidates and the skills required to work in the Australian healthcare system.

We provide exceptional nurses and doctors for our clients and ensure that candidates are well supported and looked after during the recruitment processes.

We know that people place their future in our hands and we value this above all else.

Our recruitment expertise

We have a unique place in the recruitment market. Our team consists mostly of health professionals who can draw on their own experiences in providing expert advice and local knowledge of employment conditions.

We provide superior candidate/position matching and are experts in guiding local employers and overseas candidates through the complex paperwork required for employment.

Our story

In 1997, on a cold, wet November night in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dr Bertie Weitkamp decided enough was enough and he was heading to Australia to complete a year of his anaesthesia fellowship training in the sun. He returned to the UK after a fabulous 12 months in Melbourne, determined to move ‘down under’ permanently. Bertie and his family moved to Australia in 2002 after a long struggle through mountains of registration and immigration paperwork. He is now a fellow of the British and Australian professional colleges.

Once settled in Australia, Bertie had calls from several colleagues from the UK and Germany asking how to go about gaining registration in Australia and New Zealand. From these enquiries, Plexus was born.

Our business is large enough to be able to supply the biggest of clients but small enough to still remember the details. That’s what sets Plexus apart.

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